In a session I will:

• Help you focus in a new way on what is going on inside
• Show you how to stay grounded in your body
• Help you find the trouble spots
• Bring up the energies that want to move, and help you move them out
• Anchor your process, providing stability and safety as you trust yourself to open and change
• Help you to develop and hold a safe space for yourself
• Accompany you at a pace and in a way that is effective for you

I will rely on your intuition as well as my own. Together we can reach and shift energies that have been causing you trouble for a long time.

If you would like to try a session with me, please fill in the form on the Contact page. We can discuss your needs over email, phone or video chat and arrange a time. Sessions are online, using Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts or similar. Distance is no barrier!

Starter session $75
Single session $100
A Month’s Exploration – Package of 3 sessions, $250
An Inner Journey – Package of 10 sessions, $750
Email support included.

Payment by PayPal preferred, by emailed invoice.