Dear Rose, I want to express my deep gratitude for the help you gave me clearing the intense pain out of my body and clearing some very old (and new) emotional issues for me.  You have done all of this with such love, such grace and such pure intent.  I am feeling renewed and free and healthy and whole for the first time in many years.
Thank you and with love,
Linda B.
Creative/Marketing Director


I called on Rose Meeker twice recently – once for help with releasing old pain and stuck emotional patterns in my marriage. The second time was to clear the trauma from a concussion incurred in an automobile accident. 
Rose is remarkably gentle in her approach; she offers great comfort with her presence. At the same time she has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions and pinpoint specific problems, even if they are deeply buried in the past. Each session with Rose I have seen instant change in my circumstances. Long-standing stuck patterns in my marriage began to dissolve and resolve. The concussion is a physical problem that was alleviated by clearing the emotional trauma around the accident. 
I consider Rose to be one of a kind. Her approach and insights are completely unique. She is absolutely authentic. I cannot recommend her services more highly. 
Cheryl Renee L. 


Rose has worked with me on a number of occasions over the years and has shown not only great skill but also a depth of empathy and understanding that sets her apart. Her spiritual awareness and sensitivity have helped me to shift some very painful issues in my life, and she has a great ability to coax solutions out of my own depths, rather than imposing her own ideas from outside. I’ve had plenty of advice over the years, but none where the answers are coming from so deep within myself.
Andrew D.
IT Consultant


A couple of years ago my world changed radically with the sudden loss of a husband of nearly 40 years, inability to then keep my beautiful home and art studio, followed closely by my beloved Mother 1000 miles away being given a few months to live. At a time when I was seeking to handle so many intimate and difficult details, I called on friends for support, including Rose. Besides being a good listener, her words were soothing and wise. I felt that she was right there understanding all that was happening, so I didn’t feel so alone.  At critical times when I’d start to feel overwhelmed, I’d get in touch with her and things would ease. 
She has a “bag of tricks” that can be used for someone in need who is at a distance.  I found my situations eased noticeably when she did the energetic or light work that she does.  I’m grateful for some relief in the midst of hard times. 
Annie P. 

If you are ready, Rose can open a multi-faceted dimension of your life you may have felt but not yet embraced, supporting your growth with exquisite compassion and wisdom. This work may not be for everyone, but for those of us called to explore a broader context for living than what the familiar material world affords, she is an effective, trustworthy guide and ally.
Liam M.