I may use a variety of techniques, whatever seems to fit the moment and your needs. There are no rules. In my approach I include past life clearing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Quantum Transformation as well as my learning from many other modalities. I also have help from other levels of intelligence to assist my intuition and support the effectiveness of our sessions. (If this is unfamiliar to you, please be assured that this assistance is in the background and will not affect you directly unless you request it.)

Central to this clearing work is the principle that when feelings come forward and are allowed, then consciously worked with, changes can happen in minutes. Long-standing issues can resolve, and new understandings appear.

I would not try to fix a physical condition, but in my experience surprising healings can happen as a result of energetic work.

The important part is that whatever healing you experience, emotional or physical,
you are directly involved in healing yourself. You are in charge.